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My Name is Kate Gunther. I am an artist, illustrator, writer, and theater maker, all titles and approaches to making that fall under the identity of storyteller. No matter what form my practice takes, at the heart of it all is narrative. Utilizing written and visual approaches, and drawing on my background as an actor and theatre maker, I create work that centers around narrative derived from personal experience, history, and fantastical imagination to tell dynamic stories in a two demential form. I believe that storytelling is one of the most genuine ways we connect to one another and the natural world. In story, we can recognize ourselves and understand our potential, sourcing inspiration in the people who have sought the unknown or imagined beyond the understood.

Originally from Wisconsin, I have a BA in Theatre Arts, with a minor in Drawing and Painting, from the University of Minnesota Twin Cites, and an MFA in Visual Studies with a focus in Illustration from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design(MCAD). Over the last ten years I have lived and worked in New York as an actor and theatre maker. I am currently continuing work on my Thesis project, a written and illustrated young adult novel, while expanding my freelance illustration practice. I am an adjunct instructor at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, teaching in the Foundations and Design departments.


Follow my work on instagram @kateguntherart

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