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News and Updates:

Joining the MCAD Faculty:

I am so honored to be returning to MCAD as an adjunct faculty member for the undergrad department. It is such an treat to work with these incredible students teaching illustration and foundations at my graduate school alma mater.

MCAD MFA Thesis Show:








This May, come experience the culmination of my two years as an MFA student and my exploration of illustration, narrative, and interactive museum display at the MCAD MFA Thesis Show! My thesis work centers around a young adult novel, presented in sample chapters, illustration, and an immersive installation that allows gallery viewers to enter into the world of the story. The narrative follows an 11 year old girl named Chuck on an unexpected adventure, introducing her to historical figures from the world of science and exploration. As viewers engage with the written and illustrated elements, and explore the installation and its collected curiosities, it is my hope that they experience a sense of wonder and imagination which they will take with them as they journey beyond the gallery, and onward towards their own adventures.​

MCAD MFA Studios + Gallery
2201 Stevens Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN 55405
Gallery hours are May 7–8 and 14–15, 12:00–4:00 p.m.

This event is free and open to the public.

Masks are required.

MCAD MFA Public Research Presentations:

In preparation for my upcoming Thesis project and presentation, I recently presented a brief public lecture addressing the ideas and context of my current work in progress.

Solo Show, MCAD Library:

A Library Gallery exhibition by Kate Gunther

Monday, August 23–Monday, September 13
MCAD Library Gallery


The Lost Field Notes of Hester Bird Lowell, And the Collected Curiosities of Her Disappearance, is a 32 page children’s book, written and illustrated by current MCAD MFA candidate Kate Gunther during her first year in the program. It tells the fictional story of a renowned female paleontologist, her discovery of living Dire Wolves, and her choice to disappear in order to protect the wolves and their natural habitat. Grounded in science and environmental protection, the story unfolds in the pages of a long lost scientific journal, inviting the reader to join Hester in her discovery. The gallery installation showcases the final printed version of the book and the original artwork, in addition to resources and information regarding the process that went into its creation

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